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Manisha Khadka 

Family Strengthening Worker

Maryan Maalin

Family Strengthening Worker

Building Strong Families Health Clinic


The Building Strong Families Health Clinic is a collaboration with UVM pediatrics offered by appointment. It differs from other primary care offices because it is embedded in a community building that families are already familiar with.  When needs arise, there are access points within reach like AALV, or the other Family Room services.  

The Family Strengthening workers, Maryan Maalin and Manisha Khadka, are vital in increasing equitable access. Manisha takes the time to listen and bridge communication. She sees how the Family Strengthening Workers enhance equity by bridging communication and language gaps. 


Maryan describes the clinic as a place where families can really connect with their providers. Families can call on her as a resource outside of their scheduled well-child visit. They may ask questions related to the child recently seen at the clinic, about the health of other family members, or to seek out other information and resources for their families.  Mayan finds people feel more comfortable asking for help after they build relationships with he and get to know her as fellow community member. They make families feel welcome and comfortable at a medical appointment when they see familiar, trusted community members.

Building Strong Families Clinic focuses on checkups, preventative healthcare, and monitoring milestones for children in immigrant families who are patients of the UVMMC Children's Primary Care Practice.  After well child visits with Dr. Greene, parents come together for group teaching about child development, safety, and family wellness. This demonstrates what it looks like for families to receive innovative, family-centered and culturally responsive concrete supports at the Family Room.

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